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We are delighted that you have decided to join the collective of community-based organizations (CBOs), patient and caregiver advocates, community partners and research/healthcare advisers. There are many ways to connect with the Consortium. Please select the options that best matches your roll in the sickle cell community.

Credentialed CBOs: All sickle cell-focused community-based organizations to join the team. We request each CBO complete a simple credentialing process to verify the authenticity and fiscal credibility of each partner organization. The information obtained also enables SCCC to seek out a diverse range of funding and resource modalities to support the fiscal and resource needs of our entire community.

Sponsored Patient Organization (formerly Junior CBOs): There are many groups doing wonderful work in the community that are not yet ready for full credentialing. The Consortium works to provide these groups with resources necessary to fully establish themselves as 501(c)3 not-for-profit organizations. Sponsored patient organizations must be actively working towards official non-profit status and will have obtained 501c3 status within two years of joining the Consortium team.. The Consortium will provide guidance to assist if needed.

(Please note: It is very important to consider all options very carefully before creating a new CBO. If you have a project or a service that you want to organize with, or for, the sickle cell community, instead of creating a new CBO you may wish to develop a new project. The Consortium will provide resources and guidance to help develop your project and connect you to an existing CBO. We also encourage all advocates with a new project idea to place the project on the docket for discussion at the yearly General Assembly of CBOs. Each year the patients, caregivers and advocates of the General Assembly work collectively to complete prioritized projects.)

Patient and Caregiver Advocates: Patients and Caregiver are the lifeblood of the Consortium as they determine the direction of all Consortium platforms and projects and identify the needs and gaps within the sickle cell community. We welcome all sickle cell patients and caregivers to join us.