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Social Media Webinar Series

Social Media As A Tool for CBO Community Engagement

The Sickle Cell Consortium is excited to present the Social Media Webinar series as part of Warrior University.  Warrior University is an online webinar curriculum series that will focus on patient and provider education, advocacy training, Consortium Speakers Bureau sign-up and certification, and best practices for sickle cell community-based organizations (to include grant writing, social media education and digital literacy, event planning, etc.).

This Social Media Webinar series was developed to increase digital literacy and social media competence among CBOs.  Together with Pfizer and Online Media Interactive, we will provide the foundation for strong digital patient engagement through Social Media 100 and 102. We will then explore the potential for digital and social media engagement in the sickle cell community with Social Media 201 and 202.

This series of social media learning sessions delivered via online webinar has been designed to provide a basic body of knowledge related to social media and digital marketing, combined with strategies and best practices for community-based organizations tasked with improving engagement with the people they service, volunteers, donors and other constituents.


During the first session of 2016 General Assembly of Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) the third most highly prioritized issue/concern was the need to increase digital literacy and competence among CBOs. To address this need, the CBO and Patient Advocates proposed the development of a webinar series to provide tools and techniques necessary to become proficient in this area.



 Attendees who participate in each of the sessions in the series are required to complete the following Goodwill Community Foundation Learn Free social media tutorials:

Webinar Sessions

The learning sessions in Social Media 101 and Social Media 102 are designed to build on the knowledge gained in the prerequisite tutorials. With a basic understanding of the four most popular social media networks, these sessions will help attendees learn how to take the hands-on knowledge gained and use it to craft strategies to improve the digital footprint of their organizations.

Social Media 101

An introduction to social media and its uses for nonprofits, other community-based organizations and patient/caregiver groups.

  • Understanding the Four Main Social Media Platforms – A detailed review of the best use of four popular social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.


  • Social Media Management Tools & Techniques – Use of 3rd party social media management tools (ex. Hootsuite) and email marketing services (ex. MailChimp) to maximize efficiency (and other tips and tricks).

Social Media 102

A review of social media as a tool for patient education and engagement to improve healthcare outcomes.

  • Social Media & Interactive Education – Explores social media as an interactive educational tool using the “Twitter Chat”.
  • Social Media and Sickle Cell Patient Outcomes – Explores how social media can be used to improve healthcare outcomes for Sickle Cell Warriors.


  • Social Media and the Healthcare Provider – Strategies for Sickle Cell Healthcare providers who want to improve quality of communication and feedback, as well as gain a better understanding of patient challenges in near real-time.

The learning sessions in Social Media 201 and Social Media 202 are designed to apply the knowledge learned in the previous sessions to other specific issues important to the Sickle Community. Social Media’s impact on advocacy within the Sickle Cell community is explored, as well as tactics for more effectively creating and executing campaigns via social media.

Social Media 201

  • Sickle Cell and Social Media By The Numbers – Qualitative and quantitative content analysis of Sickle Cell Disease on social media.
  • Social Media Trends in Technology – A review of the evolving social media technologies available to aid in community engagement.
  • Effective Social Media Campaigns – Tips on creating strategies, awareness campaigns and reporting that drive results.

Social Media 202

  • Creating Social Media Virality in the Sickle Cell Community – Real-world strategies for creating content and campaigns that drive awareness, and a discussion of the various components of user engagement, with a focus on creating content that people like and can relate to.

Social Media as a Platform to Encourage and Empower – A look at the aspects of social media that support information and knowledge sharing designed to inspire and encourage communities.

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