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Partners Only Private Facebook group

Visit the PARTNERS ONLY private Facebook group to connect with other Leaders in the sickle cell advocacy space.  Share tips, infrastructure-building best practices, templates, and strategies to grow and maintain strong CBOs and advocacy leaders.

The 10 Main Committees of the General Assembly

First Committee: CBO Capacity Building & Infrastructure

First Committee: CBO Capacity Building & Infrastructure Support – Concerned with developing and maintaining CBO capacity and infrastructure support.

Second Committee: Credentialing

Second Committee: Credentialing – Concerned with maintaining and updating the credentialed list, annual review of credentials and/or progress reports and updates. This committee develops and maintains the credentialing process (ie. credentialing application forms, patient/caregiver advocate profiles, etc.) and completes annual review of the credentials, fiscal and ethical compliance of new and existing partners. Concerns are flagged for Ethics & Oversight Committee.

Third Committee: Ethics & Oversight

Third Committee: Ethics & Oversight – Concerned with maintaining the ethical and fiscal integrity of the Consortium and Consortium partners.

Fourth Committee: Patient/Family Advisory Council

Fourth Committee: Patient/Family Advisory Council – Concerned with providing platforms to ensure that the sickle cell patient/family voice remains central to all Consortium projects, platforms and initiatives.

Fifth Committee: Next Generation

Fifth Committee: Next Generation an active committee of minor warriors and minor warrior caregivers age 9 -16.

Sixth Committee: Administrative and Budgetary

Sixth Committee: Administrative and Budgetary – Concerned with Consortium administrative and financial infrastructure. Works closely with Finance team to review and approve budgets.

Seventh Committee: Financial Growth & Development

Seventh Committee: Financial Growth & Development – Concerned with Consortium fiscal growth and development.

Eighth Committee: Immediate Response Committee

Eighth Committee: Immediate Response Committee – Concerned with new and emerging issues as well as concerns of the collective patient population. Report, submit to President, distributed by secretary, for immediate action. Recommends actions.

Ninth Committee: Legislative/Political Action

Ninth Committee: Legislative/Political Action – Concerned with policy, political advocacy and legislative matters of importance to the sickle cell community. This group works with the community to define, prioritize and develop the legal and legislative agenda for the Consortium.

Tenth Committee: Public Relations & Marketing

Tenth Committee: Public Relations & Marketing – Concerned with the forward face of the Consortium through public relations and marketing.


  • Code of Conduct Certification
  • Roberts Rules of Order Review
  • General Assembly Infrastructure Committees


Partner Requirements

  • Serve on 1 of 10 Main General Assembly (G.A.) Committees
  • Serve on at least 1 special project committee or workgroup
  • Attend the annual Leadership Summit
  • Complete General Assembly Certification
  • Participate in at least 1 SC3 fundraiser


Partner Services

  • Headshots
  • Training Workshops
  • Convention Scholarships


Pre-recorded Partner Workshops and Training

  • Social Media to Improve Healthcare Outcomes