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CBO Credentialing

The Sickle Cell Community Consortium is a multi-stakeholder collective comprised of community-based organizations (CBOs), patient and caregiver advocates, community partners along healthcare and research advisers.  Collectively these partners form the General Assembly of CBOs, the decision-making body of the Consortium, and we are delighted that you have decided to join the team.

Ways to partner with the Consortium:

Credentialed CBOs:
Although we welcome all sickle cell-focused community-based organizations to join the team, we request each CBO complete a simple credentialing process to verify the authenticity and fiscal credibility of each partner organization.  The information obtained also enables SCCC to seek out a diverse range of funding and resource modalities to support the fiscal and resource needs of our entire community.

Credential Information Form

Fields marked with an * are required

*Use this space to provide a brief description of the CBO: outlining active projects, platforms, events, and/or initiatives that impact the sickle cell community.

*Upload a png or jpeg image of your official logo

*Upload a document containing the full name, professional affiliation, position/office on board.

*List and describe the most recent events, activities, and/or projects and platforms in the sickle cell community.

a. Which Stakeholder Group(s) does the CBO impact (select all that apply)? (Patients, Caregivers, Medical Providers, Industry, Academia)

b. Define the area of impact (local, state, regional, global)

c. Describe your range of impact (ex: my CBO impacts the state of Alabama; my CBO impacts the entire southwest region of the county; my CBO impacts Clayton County in Georgia).

d. How many patients/families served last year?

*Please list your CBO Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other social media handles.

*Please upload documentation confirming 990 has been filed.

*Outline of projects, events, etc. planned for the current fiscal year.

*Outline of shared, ongoing partnerships with a diverse range of stakeholders, demonstrating ability and willingness to engage with others through structured collaboration.