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Sponsored Patient Organization (SPO) Credentialing

The Sickle Cell Community Consortium is a multi-stakeholder collective comprised of community-based organizations (CBOs), patient and caregiver advocates, community partners along healthcare and research advisers.  Collectively these partners form the General Assembly of CBOs, the decision-making body of the Consortium, and we are delighted that you have decided to join the team.

Ways to partner with the Consortium:

Sponsored-Patient Organizations (SPOs):
Sponsored-patient organizations are patient or caregiver groups, who do not intend to seek 501c3 status, but are instead sponsored by a healthcare provider or other healthcare entity. Patient/Caregiver support groups are often in this category. SPOs may also be sponsored by fully credentialed CBOs established no fewer than 4 years prior to sponsorship. SPO sponsors accept fiscal responsibility for the sponsored SPO.

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