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Alexis Wardlow

Special Projects Manager

Alexis J. W. Perry is a 24 year old young adult, living in Los Angeles, California that was
diagnosed with Sickle Cell SS at birth. She has been dealing with many health issues since,
including being diagnosed with 2 other chronic disorders (Crohn’s Disease/Ulcerative Colitis &
Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis).

While attending high school she found the passion for cooking and nutrition, and also
realized the many nutritional benefits that various foods and spices can have toward maintaining a crisis free life. At that point, Alexis decided to attend Culinary school to further her knowledge in the field. Since graduating Culinary school in 2012, she’s been in the Culinary/Baking & Patisserie as an online E-Nutritionist for the last five years, helping other individuals manage their chronic disorders through balanced dieting.

Also working for the City of Los Angeles in Recreation & Parks as a Recreation
Assistant and Chef Instructor, she helps her community become educated about their bodies, and the purpose of healthy eating. In 2016, Alexis was brought on to work with the Sickle Cell
Community Consortium as a Patient Coordinator/Intern, having the opportunity to be apart of
community projects and workgroups that strive to better the Sickle Cell Community. In 2017,
she started working as a broker for an FMO, and currently helps people throughout the U.S. find
health and life insurance coverage. She is inspired to work with anyone she can to give a stronger voice for the individuals within the Sickle Cell community, and positively impact the lives of Sickle Cell Warriors and Caregivers, as well as the best nutritional aspect of health to all
warriors to better their quality of life.

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