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Janeen Greene

Administrative Assistant

A 28 year career in the flight industry Janeen is grateful to have survived 9/11/2001 and a company merger.  Janeen is even more Thankful that God has enabled her to work and raise a family through it all.  Skilled in safety and systems negotiation Janeen has developed a discerning ability to assess situations and people and carefully guide the space where they intersect.  She is also First Aid and CPR certified and has a Federal Aviation Administration Security clearance.

    Janeen is living with Sickle Cell Thalassemia disorder. Two of her children also carry the sickle trait. At 2 years old she began to fall and always wanting to be carried,what many thought was spoiled turned out to be Sickle Cell.  After years of flare-ups and hospitalizations, this diagnosis was finally confirmed for her while a 19 year old college student living in a dormitory. It was God’s grace that a Mediterranean physician recognized the symptoms and knew which medical test to order.  Grace again. Janeen is a member of the Sickle Cell Community Consortium under the leadership of Dr. LaKiea Bailey.  She has represented the Consortium and provided information in her local community as well as on Capitol Hill. Janeen says an “ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. She tells everyone as soon as you meet a potential partner, asks what’s their sickle cell status. If they have the trait and you have the trait you can only be friends for life.

    Janeen JV Greene has a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Buffalo State College SUNY.  In 1999 she became a Mary Kay representative and is regularly available for consultations, sales and party planning.

    Janeen is a member of the Faith Missionary Baptist Church in Buffalo New York where Elder James R Banks, II is Pastor.  She is the mother of three successful children and is married.  Janeen is so very Thankful for her Village who raised her, loved on her and stood in the gap as needed.  This tradition continues with her offspring. To God be the Glory for the marvelous things He has done.